A Designer's Font Playground


Hoefler & Co. recently launched a font playground of sorts: Discover.typography.

The nascent site encourages interaction with fonts as well as presents fonts in their "natural habitat" for easier appreciation and identification. Selecting one of the few current examples brings up a display of several fonts in nicely designed layouts.

Users are given the chance to, as they put it, "see how a font performs, especially in the company of other typefaces." A size slider lets the user zoom in on the design for closer inspection. Clicking on any type highlights only the uses of that family in the layout and gently urges the user to shop for that font.

The resulting product page lists the entire family (or set), lets the user choose multipurpose or web versions, and even offers suggested font pairings with helpful visuals.

Though the ultimate goal of this Hoefler & Co site is to sell fonts, I'm hoping the Discovery.typography site quickly fills up with fun new examples of inspiration and creativity.

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