A Dozen Egg-Cellent Paper Crafts for Spring Celebrations


Sometimes we need to step away from the computer and get crafty in the analog world. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your desk, remind your family that art school was worth it, or send a non-traditional gift to clients this time of year, have a little fun letting your creativity loose with these springtime paper crafts.  

Paper Eggs

In case you don’t know what Pappersägg are, instructions are provided in English, as well as Swedish.

Craft and Creativity


Paper Carrot Boxes

If anyone makes these, I would LOVE getting some of them filled with black jelly beans.

Creative Tryals

Passover Placecards

The clever folks in the Martha Stewart camp suggest re-purposing these pastel Passover placecards as bookmarks for the Haggadah.

Martha Stewart Living

Origami Bunnies

Origami? Bunnies? Yes and yes! And as a bonus, you can actually blow them up like a balloon—an adorable paper balloon.

The Crafty Mummy

Spring Chicks

These are so easy, even I couldn’t mess them up. A commenter suggests using them as placecards.

Crafty Journal

Daffodil Bowl

If you’ve run out of candy dishes AND coffee, then put those leftover coffee filters to good use. That Martha Stewart is always thinking.

Martha Stewart Living

Plague of Paper Frogs

As a long-time sufferer of ranidaphobia, I probably won’t be making these myself. But don’t let that stop you from having fun with them. Hop to it!

360 Blog


Bunny Mask

If you want to hide from co-workers in style, or just have an excuse to eat chocolate and behave like a kid, this craft shouldn’t take too much of your time.

Playful Learning

Spring Wreath

This ambitious spring colored wreath is NOT for the impatient.

Love, Pomegranate House

Bird’s Nest from Book Pages

Here’s one that will make your local librarian shudder. If you’re not a fan of glitter, you could always opt for a jelly bean egg!



Paper Egg Lanterns

Is it just me, or does anyone else want to put tiny LEDs inside these?


Paint Chip Egg Garland

The local paint store might wonder why they have to re-stock the sample chips so often. I’m thinking I just found a use for my old PANTONE books, too!



I hope if you attempt one of these adorable crafts, you’ll let me know in the comments. Happy Spring!

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