A Type Geek's Ultimate Calendar


I'm probably the odd man out when it comes to designers and type: I can't identify a typeface at 100 paces and I don't hate Papyrus with a bloodthirsty passion. In all fairness though, I think Bud Light and Guinness taste similar, so you probably shouldn't trust my palate.

If you are among the many who froth at the mouth at the mere mention of elegant ascenders, precise kerning, and exquisitely-crafted serifs, you might want to put this typography calendar on your holiday wishlist. Produced by Workman Publishing—creators of the iconic Page-A-Day calendars—the Just Type 2015 wall calendar features a different typeface each month. The accompanying information ranges from the history of the typeface, prominent instances of its usage, and designer and foundry trivia.

The days of the week and the individual dates are displayed in varying weights and styles. Each month's name is prominently featured and diagrammed with x-height, serif characteristics, and other typographical minutia. You know you want to snatch one up one for your type-loving self or type geek friend. Go for it; I'll be over here deciding between Crackhouse and Boycott* for my next graphic masterpiece.

*even I'm not crazy enough to invoke the name of the evil that is "Comic Sans."

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