Adobe and Google Release Multi-Language Open Source Font


Adobe recently released their 101st Adobe Originals typeface and it has been quite the project. The Source Han Sans open source OpenType typeface is a massive pan-CJK font, containing both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean glyphs. This herculean feat of the font world was a collaboration of not only Adobe, but Google—who is releasing their own version of the font—and type foundries in China, Japan, and Korea.

Adobe Source Han Sans Japanese

For those with a need to access a wide range of CJK glyphs, especially when regional variations are necessary, this finely-crafted typeface will be invaluable. Imagine being able to create projects in multiple Asian languages, with a cohesive and well-designed look to the type! Adobe's Source Sans is incorporated for the Latin characters, which tie in nicely with their CJK cousins. The Source Han Sans typeface comes in seven weights, each tipping the scales at 65,535 glyphs—the maximum number of glyphs supported in the OpenType format.

Source Han Sans is available as individual language subsets or the full multi-language family downloaded from SourceForge and GitHub. TypeKit users of any level also have full access to the individual typefaces for desktop use. To read the full über-techy specs for this behemoth, check out Adobe's detailed release notes.

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