Aperture Bites the Dust


Aperture Screenshot

Apple recently stopped development of Aperture, the company's professional image-editing application. They announced that the forthcoming Photos app will replace Aperture, as well as the company's consumer-level iPhoto. Apple has demoed the new Photos software, but is keeping tight-lipped on how professional a tool this app will be. The company has said that pro features—such as search, plug-in capability, and advance editing—will remain. One of the biggest concerns is that the new Photos app stores everything in iCloud—a prospect not every photo pro is happy with. Of course, it's quite possible users will be able to continue using their current version of Aperture software, avoiding migration to the Photos app for some time. As with everything Apple, users are usually kept in the dark until a product is officially launched. It's quite possible that both pros and consumers will find a place for this new photo editing offering.

Are you an Aperture user? Have you used it as well as Adobe's Lightroom? Let us know what Apple's discontinuation of yet one more pro application means to you in the comments.

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