Aster Affects: a Collaborative Typeface for Hurricane Sandy Relief


SOTA, the Society of Typographic Aficionados, has organized a project to raise funds for the Red Cross to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. The project is called Font Aid VI: Aster Effects.

It is the sixth such charitable project undertaken by SOTA. Previous FontAid projects raised funds for the victims of 9/11, as well as earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters.

To contribute you can create one glyph or symbol for the font, based on an asterisk (hence the name Aster Effects).

More details from the SOTA website:

Why the asterisk?

An asterisk can denote something that requires attention — and an event of this magnitude and impact certainly deserves some attention. The asterisk can also provide *emphasis* to important information amidst fields of plain text. The root of the word comes from the Greekastēr or “star” - signifying hope and light. In computer terms, it’s a wildcard character … and hurricanes are certainly wild and unpredictable.

Submission Guidelines

Create a single glyph or symbol that is based on the asterisk.

  • Artwork must be black and white
  • Artwork must be supplied as vector outlines
  • Artwork must sized to fit in a 10" x 10" square
    • Download our handy Adobe Illustrator template
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai and .eps), Fontlab (.vfb), or UFO source files will be accepted
  • Artwork containing any of the following will be rejected:
    • Color
    • Gradients
    • Opened paths
    • Stroked paths
    • Patterned or textured fills
    • Overly complex paths or outlines
    • Embedded bitmaps or non-editable imagery
    • Live or outlined text
    • Glyphs copied from existing typefaces
  • Remember, simple is often better
  • One glyph per person may be submitted

Send the following to by Saturday, November 17th, 2012

  • Final vector artwork file
  • A short description of your glyph
  • Your name (as you like it to appear on the project page)
  • Your country

The final typeface will be distributed exclusively by the Society of Typographic Aficionados under our standard End User License Agreement.


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