Behind the Scenes at Adobe


If you use a certain application day in and day out, you develop your own top 10 feature requests and most hated bugs. And when a new version of the application appears, sometimes you get what you wished for, sometimes you don't. But the features and fixes that appear in your favorite applications aren't there by mere chance. They're the result of the inspiration and effort of real people. Y'know the folks whose names appear in the credits list, like this one for Illustrator 17.1.

And now you can get an interesting peek behind the scenes at who these folks are and how they work in an interview at with product owner, Yogesh Sharma over at the Illustrator blog. The interview tells the tale of how the new Live Corners feature in Illustrator was developed and the technical challenges the team faced to deliver it on time.

You even get a look at some serious engineer-style whiteboarding side by side with the finished product.


For a full review of Illustrator's new features, including Live Corners, check out Brian Wood's article, What's New in Illustrator CC.

Also, just to get a sense of how much effort it takes to build and maintain an app like Illustratror, check out those credits sometime (choose Illustrator > About Illustrator and click Credits). You probably also want to hold down Option/Alt to run them on fast forward. Otherwise they last about as long as the credits for The Desolation of Smaug (which I think run continuously until the next installment of the Hobbit premieres).

One nice touch is that the names of folks who worked on Illustrator all the way back to the '80s are included in the credits.

But sadly, there's no teaser for Illustrator 18 at the end of the credits. I checked.

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