Comic Neue: Comic Sans Reborn!


We’ve had our fun with poor old Comic Sans over the years, with excerpts from books like Thou Shall Not Use Comic Sans, referring to it as “Public Enemy Number One” in an InDesign Magazine article on “Bad” Fonts, and offering a rundown of the tongue-in-cheek Defenders of Comic Sans.

But thanks to one designer, Comic Sans may just be an ugly duckling that is now turning into a swan. And by “swan” I mean a font that you might actually want to use in professional work.

Comic Neue is the brainchild of Craig Rozynski, an Australian designer working in Japan. There are two variants: Comic Neue and Comic Neue Angular. The latter features angular terminals instead of round ones. Both come with light, regular, and bold weights, plus their oblique equivalents.

And for a limited time, Comic Neue is free! It comes in TTF format for print work, and EOT/WOFF for web.

There’s just one problem—without Comic Sans to kick around, designers worldwide will have to come to a consensus on which font they hate the most. Beware, Papyrus!

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