Create Multimedia Photo and Print Books with Pholium


Ever want to create a high-quality interactive photobook with multimedia features that looks gorgeous in print and on the iPad? Check out the free iPad app Pholium

Pholium is integrated with Dropbox and Instagram to give you easy means to access your photos. You can craft the look of your pages manually, or use Pholium’s auto-layout feature to get started, and then fine-tune the details. You can also add text, record audio captions, and link to videos.

Print Book Features

Pholium print books are available in hardcover in 2 portrait-oriented sizes, 8 x 6 and 10 x 7.4. Books can be from 12–80 pages in length with up to 158 photos, audio captions, and video links. In terms of pricing, 8" books start at $42 and 10" books start at $47, with free shipping. Pholium print books are color corrected to match the colors displayed in the ebook on an iPad (3rd gen). They are printed in a lay flat (no gutter) pano-style, on high-quality photographic paper. And audio and video content in a Pholium ebook is available in the print version via QR codes.

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