Embraces Web Fonts


Way back in the 20th century, and Extensis belonged to the same company. We parted ways early in this century, but I'm happy to announce that we have once again worked together to bring you something cool: high-quality typography on the Web site.

Extensis debuted its WebINK Web font service earlier this year, and we were keen to try it out. You're looking at the results as you read these words. On the advice of Extensis' type expert Thomas Phinney, we chose the Cora Web family. It's designed by Bart Blubaugh and published by TypeTogether and is, of course, available through WebINK. Cora never shouts, but we hope it will quietly improve your reading experience.

You might wonder why we bothered, since the change doesn't knock you over the head. We've been writing about the recent rise in availability and popularity of Web fonts, and frankly, it was time for us to walk the walk. Web fonts are the future of Web design. Now that we've entered that future, we look forward to exploring it further. Thank you, WebINK, for making it so easy!

For more information on WebINK, including a 30-day free trial, go to If the Web fonts concept is new to you, read "What Are Web Fonts?"

And please, let us know what you think of the change by clicking the "Comments" button above or below this article.

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