Design & Typography T-Shirts: Part 1


The gift-giving holidays are coming up—and all but supplanting Halloween and Thanksgiving in the stores—so my thoughts have logically turned to boycotting those stores that sell Christmas crap before Halloween… Er, I mean, my thoughts have turned to finding gifts in places other than Target and its ilk. For some of my loved ones, that means I’ll be shopping places like for quality Doctor Who gifts. For others, it means trips to Jared, the Apple Store, and Toys R’ Us.

Many of my fellow designers, however, like gifts that help them proclaim their vocations and passions. For them, I’ll be shopping for design-inspired t-shirts like those below—which also comprise a large chunk of my wishlist, if any of my friends are wondering what to get me. Whether for yourself or your fellow creative, consider this array of design- and typography-related t-shirts, all for sale online, many in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes, and many with color and style options.

And if this set doesn’t reveal the perfect designer shirt for you or your friend, wait for Part 2 in two weeks and Part 3 two weeks after that.

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