Extensis Updates Universal Type Server


If you need to synchronize font sets and manage font licenses for a team of creative professionals, you know how important that job is—and how much effort it takes. That’s why Extensis offers a solution to take the pain out of group font management, called Universal Type Server 4.

And now they have released an update with some key new features, including one that makes font distribution up to 27 times faster. That’s right, 27 times faster. That’s like flying from New York to London in 15 minutes. Or making a cup of tea in seven seconds. On your lunch break, you could fly to London, have a cup of tea, and fly back to your office and still have plenty of time to manage your fonts.

This huge efficiency boost is due to a new feature called TurboSync. In addition to the speed upgrade, Universal Type Server 4 now also includes the Extensis Font Panels for Adobe Creative Cloud apps (so you never have to leave Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign to manage your fonts) and Fontspiration to help you create fantastic designs with type.

For the full rundown of what’s new in Universal Type Server 4, check out the one minute video below.

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