First Automatic Font Organizer


Advanced Font Viewer is the first product on the market of font tools that can sort fonts automatically.

The automatic font organizer will solve the problem of searching for the font you need by sorting your collection by any of 10 criteria. If you select two or three criteria at a time, the structure of the collection will become arranged as a tree.

A good example of using the organizer in practice is finding a monospaced font among several thousands of uninstalled fonts. The following variations are available for the Proportion criterion: Any, No Fit, Old Style, Modern, Even Width, Expanded, Condensed, Very Expanded, Very Condensed and the one we search for - Monospaced. After you automatically sort fonts by this criterion, it will be easy to find the necessary font in the Monospaced folder.

You can see all 10 criteria for sorting fonts below:

  • Family Kind (6 variations)
  • Serif Style (16 variations)
  • Weight (12 variations)
  • Proportion (10 variations)
  • Contrast (10 variations)
  • Stroke Variation (11 variations)
  • Arm Style (12 variations)
  • Letterform (16 variations)
  • Midline (14 variations)
  • X-height (8 variations)

Another useful feature of the organizer is removing corrupted fonts from the collection (those fonts a click on which makes Windows show the following message: "The requested file was not a valid font file"). Files are moved to the "ERROR - Corrupted Files" folder, which is a perfect way to rid your collection of corrupted fonts once and for all.

Remove all duplicates before you start arranging your fonts. It is easy to do it with tools built into the program. Specify the path to the collection on the DupDetector tab and click the Remove All Duplicates button. The process is completely automated and it will automatically decide what fonts should be removed and what fonts should be kept.

Note that it is possible to uninstall all fonts not supplied with Windows with one click. It is one more unique feature of the program that will quickly remove unwanted fonts from the system.

Running some programs may result in discrepancies between files in the Windows system font folder and registry entries. Use the Doctor tab to solve this problem. It will fix any discrepancy.

The wide range of features offered by the program is useful for most users, while being indispensable for designers.

Pricing and Availability
Advanced Font Viewer runs under Windows Vista/XP/2000 and costs $49.95 (USD). Registered customers are entitled to free upgrades and technical support. A 21-day evaluation version is available as a free download at

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