Flagsmith, the Flag-Making Font


A few years back, the Chartwell font opened people’s eyes to the power of Open Type discretionary ligatures for creating on-the-fly graphics. With Chartwell, you could simply type a string of numbers, and they would automatically be replaced by accurate graphics for making pie charts, line charts, and bar charts. For details, check out Creating Instant Charts With Chartwell at InDesignSecrets.

Now Scribble Tone, the developers of Chartwell, are back with a new font that uses ligatures to create instant graphics. It’s called Flagsmith, and it can be used to create various flag designs by combining elements like stars, stripes, crosses, chevrons, etc with a background. To use Flagsmith, you type the elements you want on your flag, and turn on discretionary ligatures.


Flagsmith sells for $25, and you can download a trial version with limited design options for free.

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