Flip Through Your Fonts With Font Flipper


While doing a course on Font Management Essential Training for lynda.com, I tested more than my share of applications that allow you to compare different fonts. And there are some great ones out there. But none was simpler to use than Font Flipper, a website that gives you a scrolling side-by-side list of all the active fonts on your computer. Font Flipper also has the virtue of being free, and earns bonus geek/hipster points for making use of a great Dark Knight quote mentioning Fernet Branca.

To compare paragraphs of text with Font Flipper, you just scroll to the two fonts that you want to see, or type in a single character to compare it in both fonts. You can view the comparisons as black text on a white background, or vice versa.


The scrolling can get a little tedious if you have a long list of fonts (or fonts with large families), so make use of your browser's shortcuts for faster scrolling. For example, in Safari, hold Option while you press the up or down arrow keys, or press the spacebar. 

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