Get Studio Quality Light Anywhere With Flekt


The pop-up flash on a DSLR can be a rather blunt instrument. Without it, you might miss a shot altogether. With it, the shot might come out nothing like you'd hope for, with everything forced in to harsh flattened highlights or dark shadows.

Flekt is a new product that promises to solve this problem by offering an affordable camera attachment that produces beautiful diffused light. 


Flekt has three parts: the magAttach, which slips onto the hot shoe and serves as the base of the system; the Ignitor Reflector, which covers the light from your pop-up flash to reflect it backwards; and the Attachments, which are larger concave and convex dishes that let you bounce your light as you would with more expensive equipment. Currently, Flekt attachments come in white, silver, and gold, with more colors and surfaces on the way.

The development of Flekt is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign that runs through March 25, 2014. Check out the Flekt Kickstarter page and the video below to learn more.

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