History of Photography Infographic


The folks behind Overgram, an app that allows users to design custom titles for their Instagram photos, have published a truly nifty infographic about the massive effect mobile apps have had on photography. The infographic, designed by Now Sourcing, is packed with interesting photography trivia tidbits, including:

• More than 3.5 trillion photos have been taken since the first permanent photograph (View from the Window at Le Gras) was created in 1826.

• Digital photography can be traced back to 1960, when NASA used digital signals to transfer photos from the surface of the moon.

• 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook daily.

• 26 Instagram photos are uploaded every second.

The free version of Overgram comes with 10 fonts and applies a small watermark to the corner of your photos. In-app purchases allow you to remove the watermark and access more than 200 fonts.

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