New Service Helps You Manage Your Brand Online


Darius A Monsef IV and Chris Williams, the team behind the always-enjoyable, now brings the world FriendsCall.Me, a super-useful service for everyone who has any kind of online presence. At its most basic, FriendsCall.Me is about three things:

1. Checking your username -- find out where it's registered and where it's still unclaimed.

2. Claiming your name -- aggregate all of your online profiles on one page, and pass around that page to everyone who needs to have it.

3. Getting notified of new stuff - sign up to monitor your name and be notified when a new site comes online where you might want to register your username.

Note that FriendsCall.Me vows not to sell your email or personal profile data, nor will it beat you to the punch and register unclaimed usernames you search.

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