Output HTML Animation from InDesign With In5


In5, the InDesign plug-in from Ajar Productions, has been updated to version 2 which allows you to use InDesign's native animation and timing features and export the results to HTML instead of Flash. This means your animations will work on just about any screen, including mobile devices. And you get to work with InDesign's easy-to-use animation tools instead of code. With in5 v2 you can nest animation and interactivity within groups and Multi-State Objects, and even re-import your animations back into InDesign to use them in Adobe DPS projects.

Other In5 v2 features include:

  • New Document Presets
  • New Output Formats (like iPhone Web App)
  • Amazon Marketplace integration
  • Image Quality controls
  • The ability to add Background Images


To see the new features in action, check out the video below or give it a spin yourself with the v2 trial

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