Introduces Comic Life for Mac OS X

Body: announces the immediate availability of Comic Life 1.0 for Mac OS X.

From the makers of Still Life, as well as the talent pool of, comes a fun application that expands what you can do with your digital photos. From simple captions on photos to full-fledged comic books and how-to guides every kind digital photo project can benefit from Comic Life.

Features include powerful Page and Panel layouts, (including styles for a real comic-strip look), streamlined image selection, cropping and placement, authentic speech balloons (enhanced by a built-in professional quality comic lettering font), captions and special effects text.

Comic Life also offers full integration with .Mac (including RSS feeds), iPhoto image library and exports to jpeg, HTML, iPhoto and QuickTime.

The product is available as a download directly from plasq at for USD $39.95. For the 30-day demo the software works unhindered, after which, a watermark is added.

About is an exciting new thinktank of developers and user interface designers brought together to make software more intuitive, powerful and fun. It brings together leading innovative talent from The United States, Australia, Switzerland and France, working across borders to make beautifully-designed, useful tools.

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