Professional Photo Annotation and Geotagging Tool


In 2004 Early Innovations, LLC, introduced geotagging to Mac OS X with GPSPhotoLinker. Today, Early Innovations is pleased to announce PhotoLinker 2.0, a professional photo annotation and geotagging tool. PhotoLinker provides an unprecedented level of map, GPS track and photo tag interactivity, making photo annotation a compelling project and not a dreadful chore.

Key features include:
* A completely customizable metadata editor to facilitate a streamlined and efficient workflow. PhotoLinker complies with the recently released (9/2008; rev 2/2009) recommendations of the Metadata Working Group, ensuring proper handling of your photos' metadata.

* Interactive geotagging with live updates to proposed locations as geotagging critieria are changed. Photos can also be manually geotagged by pinpointing a location on a map, entering the coordinates manually, or tagging them to waypoints.

* PhotoLinker's track and waypoint browser handles years of data and millions of track points imported from your computer or downloaded directly from your GPS receiver. Tracks are automatically cataloged by date and displayed on an interactive map where the size and color can be adjusted.

Pricing and Availability:
PhotoLinker is available now for direct download with a 30 day trial period. You can purchase a software license at the introductory price of $49.95 (USD). The predecessor to PhotoLinker 2.0, GPSPhotoLinker 1.6, will remain a free download. Mac OS X 10.5 required.

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