Protect Your Wacom Tablet


Press release

Designed for the Wacom Intuos4 and Bamboo ranges, the be.ez LA robe Tablet range of sleeves provides ultimate protection in a contemporary and sleek design. Ideal for the mobile user, the be.ez sleeve keeps the Wacom tablet secure, scratch free and accessible at all times.

Designed in black with a contrasting green interior, the be.ez LA robe Tablet range is made from a high quality, soft and lightweight low resilience polyurethance shape-memory foam (LRPu). The sleeve is 5mm thick, adding very little bulk or weight when carrying the tablet around. It features an inner lip for storing the pen and pen tips to avoid misplacing them or causing any damage to the tablet. The sleeves can be carried alone or neatly tucked away in a bag to ensure ultimate protection from knocks, dust and scratches.

For the Wacom Bamboo:
LA robe Tablet Creativa for Bamboo small sizes, $19.99
LA robe Tablet Artista for Bamboo medium sizes, $24.99

For the Wacom Intuos4:
LA robe Tablet Sketch2 for Intuos4 small, $24.99
LA robe Tablet Studio2 for Intuos4 medium, $29.99

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