QuarkXPress How-To: Experimenting with Initial Caps and Text Runarounds

This story is taken from "QuarkXPress 6 for Print and Web Design."

Initial caps and text runarounds are the bells and whistles of setting text in a page layout program. But while they seem like pure adornment, drop caps provide important points of entry into text-heavy pages and text that runs around graphics breaks up densely packed columns.

QuarkXPress 6 gives you all the tools you need to create text effects like text runarounds, masked type, and initial caps. But the results can look predictable. You can take these text effects to the next level by learning a few tricks and employing additional techniques such as clipping paths and Restrict to Box options.


In this excerpt from "QuarkXPress 6 for Print and Web Design," Germany's top designer Michael Baumgardt shares a few of his favorite tricks for adding punch to ordinary initial caps, type outlines, and text runarounds.

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Excerpted from "QuarkXPress 6 for Print and Web Design" © 2004 Michael Baumgardt. Reproduced by permission of Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Peachpit Press. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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