Take the 21-Day Drawing Challenge


Sometimes it takes a mass online challenge to get me to hone a skill. If you're like me in that regard—and your skill that needs improving is drawing—here's the boost you need. Lynda.com is hosting The 21-Day Drawing Challenge with Von Glitschka starting Monday, August 4th. The premise is simple: There will be a new drawing challenge for you to participate in each weekday for 21 days. The challenges are designed to help you cultivate your creativity, whether you're an artist, writer, photographer, salesperson, or anyone who benefits from creative thinking.

Participants can take as long as they want to complete each challenge and share their finished drawings, if they want. If you ARE in the sharing mood, there are even prizes to be won! If you share your daily doodles on Von Glitschka's Facebook page, you could win prizes ranging from and pencils and posters to sketchbooks and styluses. If you decide to share via your favorite social media outlet, use the hashtag #draw21days. The only tools you'll need to participate are a pen and pencil, some paper, scissors, and an eraser. The challenge runs through August 29th.

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