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Press Release

Wirify is a bookmarklet that lets you turn any web page into a wireframe in one click. It’s lightweight and works in many modern browsers.

To use Wirify, drag the link on this page to your Bookmarks toolbar. Then go to your favorite web page and click “Wirify by Volkside” in your bookmarks toolbar -- it’s as simple as that!

Wirify terms of use:
* Wirify is free to use but not open source or free software. For example, we may use Wirify to display (subtle) promotions of our services and products, or to conduct brief special interest surveys, etc. We may also introduce a commercial version of Wirify later on.
* The url and title of each wirified page is logged along with Wirify version information — please be mindful of this if you use Wirify on secure or otherwise sensitive pages. Individual page details are kept private but we may release summary statistics later on. We use standard analytics tools such as Google Analytics on our websites.
* Wirify may not work on your system and browser and it has not been extensively tested. Wirify is provided as is, without warranties of any kind. It is not a supported product, although we may release updates from time to time. We offer no guarantees on continued provision or availability of this tool.
* Wirify program code, styles or visual assets cannot be reused as part of other online services. Reverse engineering the program code is not permitted. We may suspend access to Wirify at our sole discretion.
* You’re more than welcome to feature Wirify on your website and link to this page but please don’t copy the bookmarklet link. It may change from time to time and the latest version is always available on this page.
* Page layout and structure are the property of the original website owner. You must comply with their terms and conditions in your use of the created Wirify wireframe.

Watch an explanatory video.

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