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Gene Gable has spent a lifetime in publishing, editing and the graphic arts and is currently a technology consultant and writer. After a decade in commercial typesetting and design services, he chronicled the desktop-publishing revolution from his post as publisher and president of Publish magazine. With nine international editions, Publish became the leading global resource on the use of digital technology for print and Web production. Gable served on the operational boards of International Data Group's PCWorld, The Web and PC Games magazines and was earlier publisher of Sporting Times magazine. During his tenure at Ziff-Davis Gable was on the executive team responsible for major business events such as Comdex, Networld+Interop and JavaOne. As president of Seybold Seminars and publisher of The Seybold Report, Gable managed a global slate of conferences, trade shows and other graphic-arts educational products. During his leadership Seybold events featured prominent speakers such as Arthur Sulzberger Jr., publisher of the New York Times, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer, Christie Hefner, president of Playboy Enterprises, Bruce Chizen, CEO of Adobe Systems, and Daniel Carp, CEO of Eastman Kodak. Gable has spoken at events around the world and has written extensively on graphic design, intellectual-property rights, and publishing production in books and for magazines such as Print, U&lc, ID, Macworld, Graphic Exchange, AGI, and The Seybold Report. His clients have included A-list brands in technology and financial services. Gable's interest in graphic design history and letterpress printing resulted in his popular columns "Heavy Metal Madness" and "Scanning Around with Gene" here on Follow Gene on Twitter:
  • Features: Written by Gene Gable on May 12, 2006

    I recently splurged and used ten years' worth of American Express points on a pair of Etymotic headphones for my iPod. If you aren't familiar with Etymotic, all I can say is start saving now. After countless stereo systems and several music formats, I thought I was finished being wowed by music. But listening with the iPod/Etymotic combination is like the first time you heard "Dark Side of The Moon" in stereo while stoned, only you can do it on the bus, and you don't get hungry afterward.

  • Features: Written by Gene Gable on April 12, 2006

    How an industry dies says a lot about how it lived.

  • Features: Written by Gene Gable on February 27, 2006

    At last month's Grammy Awards, a milestone was reached that very few noticed.

  • Features: Written by Gene Gable on February 6, 2006

    When it comes to liberties, the right to bear arms is, for many Americans, one of the most important, defendable by death if necessary.

  • Features: Written by Gene Gable on January 18, 2006

    [Editor's Note: Today we present the first installment of Gene Gable's new column, Scanning Around with Gene, which is suspiciousl

  • Features: Written by Gene Gable on December 9, 2005

    Inspire and Impress
    I idolize Los Angeles designer/historian/teacher Jim Heimann, who, along with German publisher Taschen, has created All-American Ads, a wonderful series of books on great American advertising. They've been extremely valuable to me in writing my "Heavy Metal Madness" column. Each book in the series covers a decade of ads.

  • Features: Written by Gene Gable on December 7, 2005

    Give the Gift of Colorstrology
    Most people know their astrological sign, but few know their Pantone color. Pantone's Colorstrology card set shows the unique color for each day of the month, and includes personality traits for people born under that color. The lucky recipient can use the cards to start conversation at holiday parties, pick color schemes for clients, or learn more about the true nature of friends and family. The set includes all twelve months in a durable carrying case. -- Jeff Gamet

    Pantone Colorstrology card set, $59.99

  • Features: Written by Gene Gable on October 31, 2005

    [Editor's note: Though this is the final installment of "Heavy Metal Madness," Gene Gable's new column will debut next month.]

  • Features: Written by Gene Gable on October 12, 2005

    If I was marooned on an island that celebrated only one holiday, I sure hope it would be Halloween. Not only are the images the most fun of any holiday, but you get to pretend to be someone (or something) else, and instead of turkey or ham, you dine all day on candy.

    But of course I'm talking about the old Halloween, when the emphasis was on children and community, and the night held a certain innocence. It was scary, but more fun-scary than scary-scary. All you needed for a good time was a sheet to put over your head and a pillowcase to haul your loot in.

  • Features: Written by Gene Gable on September 21, 2005

    The recent hubbub surrounding Quark's new logo has raised several questions, problems, and misconceptions about both the creative and legal aspects of trademarks. Perhaps because Quark is a high-profile company in the graphic arts, or because it's suffering from major public relations challenges, the design industry has collectively elevated this particular trademark conflict to unusually high emotional levels.