Mike Rankin

I guess it all started in 1987, when I traded in my Sears word processor for a Mac 512k. Many thousands of pages later, MacWrite and MacPaint on the 512k have evolved into the Creative Suite 5 on a MacBookPro, but it's never stopped being fun. I’ve worked in publishing since 1995, mostly making grade 6-12 educational products for history, science, mathematics, and world languages disciplines. I've also worked as an illustrator, drawing for anatomy books, spent a few years as Prepress Specialist using Kodak Prinergy, and as a Software Trainer, training folks in InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I also underwent Six Sigma Black Belt training in business process improvement. Currently I work for a large educational publisher, doing application development (translation: more XML than you can shake a stick at). I am DTP pack rat, treasuring a lot of stuff that most sane people would consider trash. I proudly display a complete Illustrator 88 package on my desk, along with my set of Photoshop 2.5 floppies, and my InDesign 1.0 CD. I've written about InDesign for InDesign Secrets and InDesign Magazine.