Help for Digital Photographers


Asset management is an issue every digital photographer grapples with sooner rather than later. You could dump everything in one big folder on a hard drive, that's asking for heartache. Not only is it tough to lay your hands on specific photos, but unless you back up regularly, you could lose every one of those images if the drive fails.

And what about image editing and versioning? Color management? Assigning metadata? File formats? The deeper you get into working with digital imagery, the more workflow questions you have.

Scanning Around With Gene: The Miracle of Photochrom

Today’s installment requires a leap of faith that, by the time you view many of the images, you may have a hard time maintaining. So I’m going to repeat the basic premise several times: Every image here was made from a black and white photograph with the colors added through a patented lithographic process that relied on photographer’s notes to accurately reproduce the colors. All of these images (with the exception of the first example) were made before the invention of color film, which took place in 1907 but didn’t become practical until the 1930s.

HDRtist Updated; Gains New HDR Features


Press relase

Ohanaware announced HDRtist 1.1, a free update to their HDR Photography software for Mac OS X. HDRtist creates HDR photos and tone maps them in a single step. Its workflow has been designed to be effortless in operation, and to provide visually pleasing results. HDRtist is a great tool to have for dramatizing dull photos, livening dark photos and much more.

What's New In Version 1.1

Take Steadier Shots with Your iPhone


The $1.99 Tripod Camera lets you take leveled, clear photos with your iPhone just like when you're using a tripod.

In the anti-tilt mode, your photos automatically become parallel to the horizon.

Anti-shake detects the movement of your device and takes photos when it's steady.

The whole screen becomes the shutter. Touch anywhere to take a photo.

Tripod Camera gives you up to 4x digital zoom.

The basic camera features are also provided:

- timer
- vibrate when snap
- preview