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Typophonic Showcases Great Record Cover Typography

Once upon a time, vinyl record album covers were a major form of artistic expression and inspiration. Countless artists adorned their discs with iconic images and innovative typography.  And while the album cover has long been in decline—first miniaturized with the coming of CDs, and now virtually obliterated in the age of digital music—all those […]

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Review: MirrorMe

Gray Profiles

Every so often a plug-in comes along that is both productive and just plain fun to use. MirrorMe, an inexpensive plug-in for Illustrator CS5–CC from Astute Graphics, is one of those plug-ins. As the name suggests, MirrorMe can reflect objects in Illustrator across axes, but it’s far more than a fancy version of Illustrator’s Reflect […]

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Using Illustrator to Create Patterns for Craft Projects

This article will teach you how to use Illustrator’s Create Object Mosaic command to transform your digital designs into a geometric grid-based pattern, for output using any analog media. Anything that can be constructed using tiles or a grid-based structure, can be charted and planned out in Illustrator using this technique. I am a knitter, so […]

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Adobe Releases Configurator 4

Adobe has announced the release of Configurator 4, the latest version of the utility for creating customized panels for Photoshop and InDesign. The new version supports Photoshop CC and the new Adobe Exchange. The Configurator 4 release also offers the following new features: Creative Cloud support Automatic conversion of panels from previous versions Open extensions […]

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