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Acrobat Reader and Dropbox Mobile Apps Team Up

Adobe and Dropbox announced a partnership back in October and now that pairing is benefiting those using the companies’ mobile apps. Users of the Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app will now be able to access any PDF stored in their Dropbox Basic, Pro, or Business accounts without leaving Reader. But the integration isn’t limited to […]

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The 5 People All Creatives Need in Their Lives

As creative professionals we often find ourselves married to our work. Whether you have an introverted personality or not there can be a tendency to work in solitude for one reason or another. Relationships are important, even beyond building your network, finding clients or interacting in the workplace. Here are the 5 People All Creatives Need […]

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The Text That Wouldn’t Move Contest Answer and Winners!

It’s time to reveal the solution—and the winner—for this month’s InDesignSecrets contest! Here’s the question: You have a page with a three-column text frame at the top and an image at the bottom. The text frame is not threaded to any others and it is nearly full with text. You’re asked by the designer in charge to delete the […]

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TypeTalk: Good Looking Helvetica at Any Size

Helvetica is one of the most well-known and widely used typefaces in the world. It can be seen everywhere from signage (including the New York subway system), logos and branding, book covers, magazines, posters, as well as many forms of digital usage. It is even the subject of a movie: Helvetica: The Film is Gary […]

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Using Numbered Lists for Captions in InDesign

Bullets and Numbering options in InDesign aren’t just for boring lists. You can auto-number items like captions, even incorporating prefixes like figure labels. Depending on how your document is set up, there are two ways to achieve this. Both involve setting up a paragraph style that incorporates numbering from the Bullets and Numbering feature. Generally I create […]

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