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A Script to List Find/Change Query Results in InDesign

A lot of applications that have a feature for finding and replacing text give you the option to see a list matches.

Sadly, InDesign is not one of those applications. However, there is a script by Marc Autret of InDiscripts that will create a simple text file listing the results of a GREP or Text search.

To use it, download the script here and install it.
Set up your query in the Find/Change dialog box. The script will look for a GREP query first and if none is found it will check for a Text query.

Run the script and it produces a plain text file with the results counted and listed in the order in which they were found.

You don’t get page numbers or other accompanying info. Still, pretty neat. Thanks, Marc!

PS: If you need the page numbers of found items, check out Peter Kahrel’s GREP Query Manager script.

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