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Free InDesign Template of the Month: Newsletter

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This month it’s a template for a newsletter, courtesy of


The newsletter is set up to be printed on letter size paper and folded. StockLayouts has designed it as part of a set of templates for a family physician, but you could adapt it for any kind of business.

It’s organized with layers for text and images.


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And a set of paragraph styles and character styles to apply to the text.


If you like the newsletter design, be sure to check out its theme page on the StockLayouts website for even more templates (for purchase) to create attractive matching business cards, letterheads, flyers, brochures, and posters.


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  • Julie Moore says:

    I’m really looking for templates with very good style sheets, particularly nested style sheets. I have a very hard time making these and a few sample pages with various styles would be greatly appreciated.

  • That’s an interesting idea Julie! I’m pretty sure many (most?) of the free templates have a couple nested styles. I’d have to check.

    What kinds of “various styles” were you thinking of? And how would you use them … more like a swipe file, to copy styles from and paste into a different file? Or as an actual template? Or..?

  • Julie Moore says:

    A swipe file. I’ve found a few resources with various Tables Styles but have yet to find something with, say, catalog styles.
    Product Name, followed by Description, then Sizes, finally Price
    Grocery or Tabloid Product styles.

  • brbarrett says:

    It is nice clean, open page design, but…
    7.5 and 8 pt text settings on 18(leading) look elegant, but may be difficult to read. Also, the lack of a baseline grid may cause alignment problems as users customize to fit unique content.

  • Jim Jordan says:

    While I respect the great crew at InDesignSecrets, titling this page as “free” for paying subscribers is deceitful, and generally lame.

    If you want to use typical marketing BS, you would say an “exclusive treat”, “added benefit” or “special gift” for subscribers.

    • Mike Rankin says:

      Thanks for the feedback Jim. InDesignSecrets provides an incredible amount of free resources to users, more than any other site in the world. The intention here is not to trick people, but to highlight the fact that the template is an added benefit of membership, which most folks simply equate with getting the magazine. It’s like saying “free t-shirt with a new subscription.” That said, you’re not the first person to have a problem with it, and we’re always learning better ways of doing things. Maybe we can consider a different wording going forward.

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