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Free InDesign Template of the Month: Reflowable EPUB

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This month it’s a template for making reflowable EPUBs, developed by our own Anne-Marie Concepcion, co-founder of and author of numerous InDesign-to-EPUB video tutorials on Anne-Marie created this in response to numerous requests from readers for a basic EPUB-ready InDesign template in which to flow and format Word manuscripts.



The page dimensions, margins, header and footer are designed to mimic what a reflowable EPUB will look like on an iPad in Portrait orientation. It has a header that you can change to the name of your book. Headers and footers are included for preview purposes only—they don’t get exported.


Text Styles

Basic paragraph and character styles are set up for you to apply (or map your own styles to).

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Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.33.04 AM

Export Tagging is set up so the Chapter Title style is mapped to H1 when exporting to EPUB, and the Chapter number style is set to split the document. If you don’t want to use Chapter numbers, be sure to set the Chapter Title style to split the EPUB (in Export Tagging).

Object Styles

Object styles are included for anchored images and text frames.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.33.43 AM

Text wrap is included in Float Left and Float Right object styles so lines will wrap correctly in the EPUB.


The template also includes a simple TOC Style that includes the Chapter Title and adds anchors.




Also, on the pasteboard you’ll find detailed instructions on how to use the template, including appropriate export settings.

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  • kami claradon says:

    In what conceivable way is a “free template” one that you have to pay to be a premium member to receive? I hope the logic of your publications contain more sound seasoning. This type of sleaziness does little to engender trust in your brand because ‘the way you do anything is the way you do everything’. I am 5000 times more likely to be interested in purchasing your products if you simply said “cool template available to paying members’ rather than the above B.S.

    • Kami, I’m sorry you feel that this is misleading. We offer literally thousands of free tutorials, tips, and templates on our site (and have done for over 10 years). A tiny percentage are free only when you are a paid member. In other words, it’s not a discount, it’s not full price, it’s a free download. We are simply trying to add additional benefits for our members.

      I hope you’ll agree that 12 monthly issues of our PDF magazine plus 70+ back issues, plus templates (whatever you want to call them), plus access to InDesign experts, and more is worth the membership fee!

    • Anita says:

      You’re more than entitled to your opinion, however, I think you are very unfair when it comes to their services, templates,etc.

      InDesign Secrets (David and Anne-Marie) reduced their annual subscription fee this year to $25 for premium membership, which made it very affordable. In fact, they’re the opposite of sleazy and I believe you owe them an apology!

  • We used to append “Premium Member Benefit” in the headline for these template posts (and others) but honestly it just made for very long headlines. Instead, we now make sure that the very first paragraph details the info that it’s a free benefit only for our premium members, with a link to the membership page.

    Thanks for you feedback, Kami. We strive to be the opposite of sleazy ;-) and will keep your comments in mind.

  • Tracy Connors says:

    “If you’re currently logged in to as a Premium member (monthly or annually-paid), the download link appears below. Enjoy!”

    I may be missing something…but, I was logged in as a Premium Member and my screen was not showing a download link or option.

    Thanks for your help in this. We need to move forward with this project.

  • Jay Nelson says:

    Just wanting to make sure, though this is designed for an ipad it will adapt for other devices right? Since it is reflowable

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