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InDesign Template Essentials: GREP Queries

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This time, we have a cool set of GREP Find/Change queries to save you time and effort in formatting text! These queries have the potential to make you look like a miracle worker to someone who doesn’t know the power of GREP!

There are GREP queries to do the following:

  • Replace text with clipboard contents
  • Rearrange text
  • De-runt paragraphs
  • Apply formatting to text inside parentheses (but not the parentheses themselves)
  • Replace manually typed numbers with automatic numbering
  • Fix bad breaks
  • Find dates, fractions, and prices
  • Clean up trailing space at the end of paragraphs and stories
  • Eliminate repeated words

grep find between

grep numbering

grep bad breaks

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grep dates, fractions, prices

grep cleanup

Note: for a brief introduction to the basics of using GREP in InDesign, see last month’s Template Essentials: GREP Styles.


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