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InDesign Template Essentials: Sidebars and Pull Quotes

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I’m excited to announce that this month we’re offering a whole new kind of template. Instead of giving you a complete document built for a specific purpose—like a newsletter, brochure, or book—we have created a set of page elements that can be used in all kinds of projects. We call them Template Essentials, and the first one is a collection of sidebars and pull quotes.


In all, there are a dozen different sidebar designs and eight kinds of pull quotes, all formatted cleanly with paragraph, character, and object styles. Just copy and paste them into your documents and to tweak them to suit your needs. Sure beats creating all this stuff from scratch!



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  • magerber says:

    WOW…what a great resource. Although I appreciate them, I frequently have no need for most of the templates that you post because I don’t make those types of documents–but this, this is EPIC! (Does “Epic” date me?)

  • magerber says:

    Actually…I am logged in and don’t see the download link. Help!

    • Mike Rankin says:

      Can you try again with a different browser? Folks have been downloading the template, and we’ve tested the link a few times so we know it’s there and working.

      • magerber says:

        Wasn’t a browser thing–my membership had run out. Updated my payment information and all is now right with the world again.

  • bnilsen says:

    I’m logged in as well and can’t find a link to downloadable templates. I’m using Google Chrome.

  • Terry Veiga says:

    Hello: Any chance you could make the screen shots bigger or perhaps open in a viewer, please–I’d like to know what I’m missing out on? Thanks!

  • jaykay144 says:

    Thanks Mike. I love Team IDS! Happy 2016

  • Fiona Jones says:

    Unfortunately I can’t seem to access them because I only have CS6 – even the idml file is non responsive when I open it up into InDesign. Any chance you can save as a CS6 file for download?? It would be really useful for me :)

  • James Hinshaw says:

    Our corporate internet filter is blocking me from access. I believe it is because of the tiny URL link. Is there another way I could gain access?

  • Bonnie Britt says:

    Thanks for this. The IDML does open in CS6. This is written in the template: “The vertical rule on the left that separates this pull quote from the text will automatically get taller or shorter as you change the text! For instructions on how this was done, visit this InDesignSecrets article.”

    Is there a url for this? Many thanks for all that you do.

  • astork says:


    Thank you for this resource and all the wonderful tutorials you have written over the years. I am a long-time subscriber to InDesign Secrets and knew of you from your podcast before this gig. The template downloaded just fine for me.

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