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InDesign Template of the Month: Data Merge

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This month’s template comes to us from Adam Jury, and it’s not one, but four templates built to work with InDesign’s Data Merge features! There are files for creating business cards, stationery, convention badges, and a phone directory.


InDesign Data Merge business card

Business Card


InDesign Data Merge stationery


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InDesign Data Merge convention badge

Convention Badge


InDesign Data Merge phone directory

Phone Directory

All the files use fonts from the Proxima Soft family, which you can sync from Typekit, or replace with your own fonts.

There’s also a Read Me file with instructions and links to learn more about Data Merge.

If you’re new to Data Merge, these documents will serve as a great hands-on introduction. The accompanying Excel file serves as the Data Source.

By opening the Data Merge panel in InDesign (Window > Utilities > Data Merge), you can see all of the available Data Fields.

Turn on the Preview checkbox at the bottom of the panel and use the controls to preview how each data record will look after you create the merged document.

To create the merged document, click the button at the top right of the panel, or choose the command from the panel menu.

A new file will be created, ready for editing or output.

You can experiment with changing the data in the Excel file, and altering the styles and layout of the InDesign document to really get a feel for how Data Merge works.

The download package also contains IDML versions of all the InDesign files, which can be opened with CS4 or later.


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