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InDesign Template of the Month: Storyboard

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This month’s template is for creating storyboards. Storyboards are most commonly used in the planning of video projects, but I’ve also seen them used to plot out presentations and highly designed long documents, like magazines and textbooks.

The download package includes 4 InDesign files plus associated artwork and a PDF containing step-by-step instructions.

The way to use the template is to start in one of the “Frames” files, where each page is a video shot, presentation slide, or print layout sketch.

InDesign storyboard template frame

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There are three Frames files, for 16:9 video, 16:10, and a presentation.

Choose the one you want and fill in as many pages as you need with content.

Then Open the Storyboard.indd document.

InDesign Storyboard template

Notice there are three master pages, one corresponding to each Frames file.

Create as many document pages as needed and then use the Links panel to place or update the pages from the Frames document you chose.

This video shows the process.


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