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InDesign Template of the Month: Sales Flyer

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This month’s template is for a sales flyer.

InDesign template sales flyer

InDesign template sales flyer

The download package includes the template (in INDD and IDML formats). All text is formatted with styles that you can easily adapt to get the look you want.

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And the fonts can be synced from Adobe Fonts.


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  • John Kramer says:

    Hey, Mike.
    The Bungee font family is named that because it is designed for vertical settings. As you and your readers know, most fonts looks weird and weak set in a column, but Bungee’s wide, blocky, aspect forms a beautiful solid unit. Give it a try — at least on the word FRESH. Here’s the link to that page of the the designer’s site. (not sure if comments will allow; so just in case, his name is David Jonathan Ross.) Thanks!

  • Nancy Williams says:

    I’m going in a circle. I click on templates and it takes me to the page where there is a template and it says to click on the link below (which there isn’t one) with a sorry message, login at the top of the page, which I do, then it takes me back to the page that has the list of templates. How do I download the templates??

  • Anne-Marie Concepcion says:

    Nancy, so sorry, that sounds frustrating! Are you logged in to the site as a premium member? (Not as a free member, a premium/paid subscriber.) You can check your member type/profile by hovering over your log-in name/picture at the top … where it should say, “Howdy, Nancy”… and choosing Edit Profile.

    If you’re logged in as a premium member, at the bottom of this post you should see the link text “Click here to download this month’s template.” Clicking that link should open a Save dialog box to download the zip file of the template file.

    If you’re logged in as a premium member and that’s not happening, please contact and we’ll investigate and fix. Thanks!

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