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      Is there a plug in and/or a way to group fonts into sets in the Indesign font menu. For example: Script fonts, sans serif fonts etc.
      So I could then just go to say script fonts and see only script fonts and not have to look at every font loaded to find a script font.

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      David Blatner

      No way to do that right in InDesign, I think.

      This plug-in might help: ? Not sure. Haven’t used it.

      InDesign CC will make it a bit easier with its new font menu, but it’s still not exactly what you described:

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      Bri Kay

      I have been looking for a way to group my fonts again since Apple changed their security system which caused YouControl Fonts to stop working. Also in OS9 there was Now Utilities, which also allowed you to color your fonts in the menu. A work around has been to create a Character Style list and use your Character Styles as a font menu. Far from elegant and quite a mess when you open old files and import your list. Pains… no good.

      A look at CC menus and it’s also far from what’s needed. It’s so strange how things go so backwards at times. Old technology is better than new. Buying new versions of CS (CC) is out of the question. There must be some clever software company is out there that can fix this and make this plug in a reasonable price.

      Or perhaps a software that can rename fonts so the InDesign menu places them in some sort of group. Serif, San Serif, Script, Header etc. Even placing an SS, S, SC, H in front of each font you want grouped. I have Fontographer and can do this, but what a pain, plus who knows what other pains it may cause.

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        David Blatner

        Most people with a lot of fonts use font management tools such as Suitcase Fusion, Font Explorer from Linotype, Font Agent Pro, and so on. I don’t recall that any of them let you color the fonts in your menu, or group them in the font menu itself, but they all let you filter and find fonts in various ways within their user interface.

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        Bri Kay

        After looking at upgrading to CS6 or CC I realize the only real reason I want to do so is to be able to ‘group’ fonts into categories in the font menu as both I and Michael have mentioned above. OS9 had “Now utilities” and OS10 had “you control fonts” or “fontcard”. I realize that this was taken away because of Apples new security features since Leopard. I really cannot understand how a designer with a lot of files with many fonts…. especially a magazine with many ads to work on at the same time, can work without being able to easily go to all his ‘script’ fonts and choose one, instead of looking down the whole list and forgetting what you have. This has REALLY slowed me down. If it’s so that the font menu cannot be adjusted for all the software on your computer as the 2 previous mentioned software have done then can someone please produce a plug in for older and newer InDesign that can do this. I have CS4.

        I would think there would be many people wanting these features. CS6 and CC have only recent fonts and favourites. Still not good enough. I’m not going to upgrade for simply that even though the urge is strong. Meaning I’d pay good money for software like NOW Utilities. Which was the best by far. You could drag your fonts where you wanted, plus even colour them in the menu. Which reminds me… you can colour menu items in InDesign…. but not the font list. ? Correct? Just this one thing would probably be good enough. Seeing all the script fonts as one colour etc.

        note: I have made up a list of fonts in the Character style pallet which then can be opened like a font menu in the tool bar. Fair to poor option.

        I think I’ll write to the ‘you control font’ guys and the makers of fontcard. My only hope.

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      Bri Kay

      This is still driving me nuts. How can anyone in a fast paced production environment get anything done without their fonts grouped into categories? No, no a font handling software such as Font Suitcase or Font Agent or Font Explorer are not the answer. Not unless they can change the Indesign Font Menu itself. Please please someone in the software business make this happen at least for InDesign including older versions. Perhaps CS3 and up. I use CS4. I know about CC favourites and recents but this is only a minor improvement. It has nothing to do with being able to zip down the menu and see all your script fonts in one area. One this note, why does my CS4 InDesign font menu have 6 sections? Some are system fonts? What trick or code or font info makes them go into these different boxes below the other fonts. Even a Brushscript MT font has ended up at the bottom of my font menu. What gives? Maybe if we knew why these lower sections appear I can place fonts into some sections and we’re all good.

      If i was to set Font Explorer off to the side in a panel on a large monitor with my active fonts all set up into categories I guess this may be my only option? Any ideas?


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