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      I have a table with a cell with text that describes the image that is in the cell below.
      The table describes steps to perform a judo exercise, therefore the first text is repeated several times and the image below.
      When I export it with indesign to epub 2.0 fluent the text cells sometimes get separated. I want to ask you if you know of some way to be able to keep the text and image cell together.
      Thank you very much

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      Aaron Troia

      I’m not sure there is a way to do it natively within InDesign, but if you know a little HTML & CSS and feel comfortable unzipping and rezipping the file, you can always wrap your table in a div with a class that has the attribute page-break-inside:avoid; I can’t say it’s perfect but I’ve had fairly good results with it in the past.
      That said, this type of thing is the nature of reflowable ebooks, things break across pages that sometimes you just can’t control like you can in print. And since your readers can change variables on the page such as text sizes, margins, and leading on their ereaders, sometimes you just have to throw up your hands and say “good enough.”

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