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      Matt M

      Hi all,

      I’m wanting to create a line underneath my headings but I would like them all to be the same size – I know I can create a paragraph rule but I am unable to get this to be the same size for all my headings, it’s either the length of the text or column which I don’t want.

      Is there any workaround or another way of doing this?



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      If you set the Paragraph Rule to Rule Below, and Column, then set a left or right offset, does that meet your needs?
      Good luck,

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      Matt M

      That could work but if the columns aren’t all the same length then the line wouldn’t be the same size across all headings, or am I wrong?

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      Ah, you’ve got me there.

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      David Blatner

      Tricky. You could perhaps anchor a line. For example, you could find all the headings and paste an anchored line at the beginning of the paragraph. Make sure the line is set to an object style, so that it’s easy to adjust later, after being anchored.
      To paste an anchored object, you would want to use the find/change “from clipboard” trick:

      Find Text, Change to Graphic

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      Matt M

      Thanks David :)

      I presume I would have to do this every time a new heading is added?

      I’m surprised Adobe hasn’t included something along the lines of a fixed width on the paragraph rules or something similar.

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      David Blatner

      Yes, you’d have to do that after each heading.
      Feel free to suggest this as a feature at

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      Matt M

      Hi David,

      Thanks, I thought that may be the case.

      There is already a suggestion for this feature, if yourself or anyone else thinks this is a good feature or may need it in the future could you vote for it please ––fixed-width-option-for-paragraph-rules-and-style

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      David Blatner

      Michel A. sent me a private msg with a brilliant workaround to do this! In the Strokes panel menu, choose Stroke Styles. Make a new Dash stroke that has a very long pattern length, no corners, and a dash the length you want. For example, here’s how you can get a stroke that is always 5p wide:

      You can apply that custom stroke as a Rule Below. Thank you, Michel!

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      Matt M

      Ooo that’s a nice workaround, thanks for bringing it to my attention David and thank you Michel for letting us all now.

      Appreciate all the help everyone has given me :)

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      Now, I just need to remember how I did it four years ago! =D

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