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      Is anyone else having this experience? I go up to the Control panel to do some math in one of the fields, and when I click where I want to start typing, no cursor appears. Sure, I can go ahead and type what I want to, next to the text that’s already there, but I find it unnerving not to see a cursor to assure me that I am beginning to type where I plan to.
      This isn’t limited to the XY, Width, Height, etc. fields — there’s no cursor when I click in the fields of any dialog boxes, either. I understand the concept of faith, but not when it comes to this kind of thing.
      I know I can tab from field to field, but I don’t always want to select the contents of the next field and replace them entirely. Any insights on what is going on?

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      Anita Dahlberg

      I have the same problem. Played around with it today and saw that it has to do with what color I choose in the settings of InDesign. I like the white one and there it is impossible to see the cursor but if I change to dark or black it works fine. I also tried to delete the preferens file for indesign but it did not help. Would be nice to se what you are doing in all color settings though.

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      Tom Lamers

      This will be dealt with in a future update

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