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      Olivier Murith

      I am experiencing an annoying problem… (of course right the day when I am supposed to send the files to the printer ^__^)
      My document is 12 pages, on two 6 pages spreads. Long story short, the folding changed, and now I have to slightly adjust some of the pages sizes to accommodate the folds and the trim of the finished “brochure”.
      The “new” Page Tool is my new best friend for situations like these, I used it in the same way countless times, but today it apparently decided to make Indesign crash every time I try to use it. If I click either on the the arrow or try to type a number, crash. If I try to drag the format, crash.
      I tried to “split” the spreads, isolate the pages, delete the pages content… nothing works, I cannot modify the page size without InDesign crashing.
      Any ideas what might cause it, and ideally a workaround that does not involve creating a new doc from scratch?
      It is not that big a deal, a few margins/grid settings and copy/paste, but I would prefer if I could avoid it, I hate messing too much with finished files, I am alway afraid some element detail could move or some typographic stuff change.
      Thanks in advance for your time and advices, have nice day/evening/whatever depending wherever you are :-)
      (It is a brand new up-to-date install of CC and InDesign, without any plugins, on a brand new iMac)

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      Olivier Murith

      – I tried the “old” method of defining a new page size in the Pages panel; it worked for one change, and then never again…
      – I tried to make a new Master page with a different size, then apply it to the different pages… no luck either, immediate crash

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